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I have also organized and planned various big festivals during my carrier.
Here are a few of my favorites.
Wedding festival "Just love fest"

This was an idea and project of mine with the assistance of a co-organizer. The Praha restaurant was a beautiful venue with big lake and different zones. There was the stage located outside with lavish decorations, the beauty zone (make up and hair), zone with creative master classes and lectures indoors, photo zones, and brand fair around the lake. The idea of the festival was to demonstrate the life before the wedding and after. We had 4 ceremonies at the festival. Three of them were about the renewal of the vows and one was an actual ceremony with the bride and groom. The program was dynamical - with a host, variety of entertainers, cover bands, singers, and prize raffles. The festival lasted all day.

Video "Just love fest"
Theater festival "Joy Fest"

A theater style festival divided into 2 events. First one is Children's Ukrainian festival, takes place in May. Second one, International theater festival, is organized in September/October. Each event lasts 4 days with over 3,000 spectators. During both festivals, the jury and the audience rated the theatrical performances of groups from different Ukrainian cities and other countries. Festival venue was the Grand Hall Khreschatik, located in the downtown of Kyiv (capital city of Ukraine). 2019 was the year for the 7th international festival and 5th children's festival. I was a co-organizer, coordinator, and hosted the award ceremony.

Video "Joy Fest interview"
Family festivals "The days of inspiration"

This took place in the large park of a picturesque little town near the capital. It consisted of six events. The main idea was about family. Every member of the family could find something he/she was interested in. The festival had multiple zones set up throughout the whole park: performance stage, photo zones, zones with variety of the masterclasses, sport activities, food-courts, fairs, and prize ruffles. There were different entertainers, cover bands, singers, and animators. Children were singing and dancing on the stage.
As an organizer and coordinator, I was responsible for hosting events on the main stage.

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