Ceremonies | Receptions
Every wedding has its own story. But, they are united by one thing - the desire to create a new family. At the wedding, sometimes you have to be more than just an organizer or presenter. When needed, I could be a friend, decorator, psychologist, DJ, or an errand runner. The main task is to create a beautiful wedding with happy bride and groom and their guests. And, when the challenges arise, I don't look at the problems; I just solve them!

I am attaching a small fragment from my wedding gallery.

Ceremony is not only about registration. It is about emotions of the bride and groom. The main mission for me is to create a personal scenario for the couple's love story.
This part is about traditions, special moments, surprises, fun, happiness, and laughter. The main mission for me is to do everything I can to exceed your expectations. The only satisfaction is to hear: "Thank you, it has been the best day in our life".
I have the experience of being a bride. It is my passion to not only be an organizer, but, a friend with only your best interests at heart.
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